The Fez 2 Rant


Lets start it off with everyone’s favorite person to hate, Phil Fish. For the record I do not hate Phil Fish. Sure following him on Twitter has occasionally proven Phil Fish to be an opinionated loud mouth, but by god just like the rest of us he has the right to that opinion. I like to think that when Phil Fish rants on Twitter, he is just being Phil Fish. I don’t know the man, never met the man, so I don’t feel that I can judge him on his opinions. I don’t know what life experiences he has been through to make him feel the way he does. At the same time though… Mr. Fish (along with other indie developers) needs to realize that people that play Call of Duty and other mainstream games are gamers too… just like him. We all came from the same roots, all played the same games. I love indie games, but I also love to put a Call of Duty multiplayer session in as well. Is there really anything wrong with that? Why is it necessary to insult people who enjoy those games? At the end of the day we are all putting energy into something that are just lines of code on a computer. Whether I am shooting enemies or finding cubes and piecing together a second language, it’s still a video game. I believe indie developers feel their games have more meaning and depth than mainstream games, but they are still JUST games.


Yesterday after the Twitter war between Marcus Beers and Phil Fish (for the record, I feel Phil was in the right, and had no reason to give a comment), Phil announced that he was done, and that Fez 2 was cancelled. Cancelled huh Phil, isn’t that a bit extreme. For a guy that is sooo into games and sooo knowledgeable about what “real” games are, you would think it would take more than a Twitter argument to make him cancel a game. I get criticized at my work too, like most normal people. You know how many times I have quit? Zero, because I am an adult and can handle criticism. Time to grow up Phil.


The way I look at it is if you are so devoted to this industry you would NEVER give up. Its not like the people out there OWE you something because you made a game. I payed you, just like everyone else. Your not giving us the games for free, so get over yourself, be a man, AND DO YOUR JOB. If you don’t like the way people talk about you, then take a page for the Super Meat Boy developers and stop following it. Its time to be an adult, stop being so sensitive, and work in YOUR CHOSEN industry. No one pushed you there.


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